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Success, What is it and How can I obtain it?

Success is often glamorized and made into something that seems unobtainable, but it is actually neither. Simply put success is making goals and keeping them. So then what is a goal? A goal is a plan with an accomplish by date. Some goals are simple and easy, others not so much. If success were easy everyone would achieve it, but they don't. Why? Because even though success is simple, it is not easy. In fact successful people are filled with tenacity in other words, they grab hold of an idea like a Rottweiler and never let go until they have gotten where they wanted to go.

Let's look at some practicle applications: Why do people choosee to go to college? I will list several possibilities:

1] my family wanted me to

2] I want to be able to get a better job

3] I'm nor srue what I want to do yet but I want to party

4] I want more options

5] I want to be a lawyer and I want to be the best that I can be!

I'm sure that there a plenty of other reasons but within these five let's look at which ones seem to have a better chance of success than the others and why.

Option 1 is not such a good reason even though it has worked out for some people. The reason I say it's not the best option is because you are trying to fulfill someone eslse's dreams and expectations rather than your own.

Option 2 is not a bad mindset but it is lacking in specificity. In other words you don't have a plan or a goal that is very high level. If your goal is not specific then how will you know when you have achieved it?

Option 3 is the worst of all five bcause once again if you aim at nothing, you will hit it. Option 4 is again not specific enough because there is nothing to shoot for other than options, but with options comes more decisions and trials and error.

Therefore option 5 is the best option because a goal starts with a desire.

Children are often asked, "What do you want to be when you grow up?" Some children never give up on those childhood dreams. Some build on those childhood dreams and others refine their original ideas of success.

So what am I saying? I say all this to say that success looks different for each of us becase we all have different desires, but it is the same process for all. What is that process? First we need to know, have a desire, to become or to achieve a certain thing with a goal to achieve a certain level of income, or noteriety, or fame, or etc... Once the die is cast, we have begun the process of procuring what is needed to make that goal a reality, then we need that tenacit,y or stick-to-it-ivness, to see it through.

As a Christian and a pastor, my goal is to become more like Christ. I want to learn as much about His life as I can so that I can emulate some of those things. I want to love as He loves, but I am a long way from achieving that so I just keep trying.

Obviously, I am not much of a writer, but nonetheless, I hope and pray that some of these comments will help and encourage someone to never give up on accomplishing your goals.

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